how to use signs to draw in new customers

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Attract Customers To Your New Cafe

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If you recently opened a new cafe and would like to attract customers, the following tips may help. Once people check out your establishment and enjoy the food and atmosphere, they may become loyal patrons and spread the word about the services that you offer. 

Rent A Billboard

Rent a billboard in a high-traffic area and have an advertisement added to it that describes the services that you offer. Hire an advertising company to create a display that includes colorful pictures, bold lettering, and a catchy phrase so that your advertisement can clearly be seen as people walk or drive by.

Call several companies that offer billboards in order to receive the best price. Some companies may offer discounted rates to new clients. Others may offer a reduced rate if you rent several billboards around town. Billboards can be rented for as long as you would like. People who are driving through town and that are hungry may be inclined to stop by after reading what your business has to offer. For more information, contact Creative Signworks Inc billboards or a similar company.

Install Neon Signs

Purchase neon signs to hang in front of your cafe and next to the roadway. Neon signs are affordable, easy to maintain, and useful when weather is inclement or when it is dark outside. A brightly-lit sign may stand out against the advertising that your competitors use and encourage people to stop by. A neon sign that is added near the entrance way to your cafe's parking lot will make it easy for people to find your address and will provide them with a hassle-free experience when they are in a rush and would like to grab a quick bite to eat.

Advertise Specials

Advertise weekly specials in your local newspaper or on your company's website. Hire a company to design flyers for your business so that they can be distributed from your business or hung up around town. Decide upon specials that will provide patrons with a tempting discount, such as a two-for one special or an all you can eat deal. Change the specials often in order to keep prospective customers, as well as your loyal patrons, interested.

Once your advertising materials are available for viewing, you may notice an increase in sales at your cafe. As long as you keep your new customers pleased, they will likely continue doing business at your establishment and you may find that you meet or exceed your monetary goals.