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Three Steps For Installing Custom Vehicle Decals That Promote Your Small Business

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Drive down the interstate or into a crowded parking lot and chances are that you'll see a few different ways that people promote their businesses on their vehicles. From vinyl lettering on windows and doors to custom vehicle wraps, car signage promotes all sizes of companies. In fact, well-done vehicle signage and wraps can generate as many as 30,000 to 70,000 views per day.

But the quality and placement of this signage on a car or truck can give people a bad impression of the business if it is not done correctly. Here are three steps to using car signage for professional promotion of your small business.

1. Have a custom door decal designed.

A custom decal can be designed relatively inexpensively. Your local sign shop or graphic designer can integrate your company logo and contact information in a size that is easy for others to see and remember. 

The decal should include the name of your business and one or two ways to contact you -- typically a phone number and a URL for your website. Don't clutter the decal with excessive messaging or every way possible to contact your company. Remember that drivers only have a few seconds to look at your signage, so make it simple to understand. A professional designer can help you make the most of the space.

You'll also need to consider the size of the space where you plan to install the decal. They can be installed on the tailgate of a truck, the back door panel of an SUV or the driver's side door of a passenger car.  Decals are also easy to install in a window, but be careful to ensure the driver retains complete visibility and that you are not violating any laws about covering vehicle windows that may exist in your city or state. In addition, window decals often have to be smaller and are thus harder to read for passing drivers.

2. Install the decal professionally. 

Decals include all the graphics and lettering in one panel, so they are easier to install properly. If you choose to use individual lettering, for example, it's very challenging to get it spaced and lined up correctly -- the result can come across as very amateurish if you're not careful.

For best results, have the sign shop adhere the decal to your vehicle. It seems simple, right? Just take the backing off and place the sticker. But it is hard to adhere a decal without any air getting trapped in "bubbles" underneath, which can look bad and reduce the life of your decal. The bubble is more vulnerable and is a place where the sticker can get a hole or rip. Sign professionals have experience installing decals without trapping air bubbles as well as the right tools to do the job.

You can also ask about other types of decals, such as those printed on a magnetic backing, so that the signage is easier to install and can be removed as desired.

3. Remember that you represent your business as you drive.

If you cut someone off in traffic or make any mistake while driving a car with a business decal, your actions reflect poorly on your company. If you're not very confident in your driving abilities, take a class to brush up your driving skills. These are often offered to seniors but are available for people of all ages. Taking such a course can also help lower your insurance rates in some cases.

You may also want to refrain from posting other bumper stickers on your vehicle, so you don't alienate others who don't cheer for the same sports team or share the same political or religious sentiments as you do. 

For more information about custom decals, visit Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd custom signs or your local sign and decal shop.